Apparently I’m no IT savvy. Most of the time I’ll try to figure out a way to get through all these IT stuffs but this one, I know nuts. 

Like seriously, I’ve been trying to figure out how to customize the outlook of this blue blog but I still yield zero. Nothing lah dey. 

Let’s hope I’ll manage to figure something out by this week. On a side note, Friday going to Gardens By The Bay, you know. “To see many, many hua”, I told auntie Ng when she asked me. Hehe! 

Catch you later, alligator!

Julilah 🙂


Hello, it’s me…

After many months, I am actually sitting in the office and shaking my legs. Not that I have nothing to do, but there are too many things to finish off I can’t decide which one to start first. Which, leads me to open this blog and continue where I started. Think it was last year I created this blog but no postings.

And so, Hello World! Please do not come back daily as the random me will only be posting on random days. Heh!

Till the next post,

Julilah 🙂